making a turret staking tool

pictured above is the turret staking tool i have used for my past 3 builds. it has made staking turret boards considerably easier and cost far less then $10

using the staking tool

1. layout and drill the appropriate holes in your turret board

2. place the hole intended for the turret directly above the anvil ( pointy part) of the staking tool. ( do this visually, until you can see the anvil through the hole )

3. hold the board firmly in place and insert the turret into the hole

4. place the receiving end of the staking tool over the turret

5. give the staking tool about 4 good solid taps with a hammer

6. turn the turret board over and ensure the bottom of the turret has been sufficiently flared and is seated tight against the turret board

making the tool


the first item you will need is the actual turret staking anvil and base. hoffman sells a good one for $5. this page mostly applies to this tool, but may be adapted to others.

the next item you will need is a scrap of wood. i used part of an old 2x4. it is not quite thick enough but it works for now.

then you will need some thin foam with adhesive backing. this comes in quite handy
for many things around the house. you can find it anywhere that sells craft supplies.

you will also need the following tools:
drill, drill bits, hammer, blade screwdriver or small chisel


1. drill a hole through the wood base large enough to accommodate shaft of the turret tool.

2. thread a nut onto the shaft of the turret tool and insert the assembly into the hole

3. give the shaft of the turret tool a good solid hit. you should see an indentation made by the nut

4. using a small chisel and hammer ( or just a blade screwdriver ) remove the
wood on the inside of the indentation, until the nut itself will fit
inside it and flush against the wood.

5. repeat step 2 thru 4 on the other side of the wood base

6. thread the anvil part of the turret tool through top and bottom nuts and into the base.

7. place the sticky-back foam on the top and bottom faces of the wood base
this will give you a smooth sutface that will give a little when you stake the turrets

8. adjust the the height of the anvil base by threading it using the
screwdriver slot on the end opposite the anvil end

9. start staking!!

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