tube amp calculator

this web-based calculator I created comes in handy for doing common tube amp calculations

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Common Tube Amp Calculations (Scroll Down For Index)

Voltage from Current and ResistancePower from Current and ImpedancePlate Current for % Plate Dissipation
Current from Voltage and ResistancePower from Voltage and ImpedencePlate Current and amp Power from Volts across OT
Resistance from Voltage and CurrentPower from Voltage and CurrentPlate & Screen Current from Cathode Voltage
Output Transformer Primary Impedance CalculationBias Current Calculation from Torres Book

Voltage from Current
and Resistance

Current: mA

Resistance: Ohms

Voltage Volts

from Voltage and Resistance

Voltage: Volts

Resistance: Ohms

Current mA

from Voltage and Current


Current: mA

Resistance Ohms

from Voltage and Current

Voltage: Volts

Current: mA

Dissipation Watts

from Voltage and Impedence

Voltage: Volts

Impedence: ohms

Dissipation Watts

from Current and Impedence

Current: mA

Impedence: ohms

Dissipation Watts

Current for Percentage of Plate Dissipation at Idle

Max Plate Dissipation: Watts

Desired Percent Plate Dissipation at Idle: %

Plate Voltage: Volts

Bias Current mA

Current / Power from Voltage Across Output Transformer Primaries

Winding DC Resitance (Measure with Amp OFF!)

Winding 1: ohms

Winding 2: ohms

Voltage Across Primary Windings at Idle (Amp on, Zero Volume)

Winding 1: Volts

Winding 2: Volts

Output Transformer Center Tap Voltage: Volts

Winding 1: Current mA Power Watts

Winding 2: Current mA Power Watts

and Screen Current from Cathode Voltage and Screen Resistor

Cathode Resistor: Ohms

Cathode Voltage: Volts

Screen Resistor: Ohms

Voltage Across Screen Resistor:Volts

Plate Current mA

Screen Current mA

Current Calculation From Torres Book

Class AClass ABHigh AB
Tube Type:
Plate Volts:

Bias Current mA

Transformer Primary Impedence Calculation
Signal Generator for 1KHz at about 1VAC

Generator Output:VAC

Volts across secondary: VAC

Secondary Tap Value / Speaker ImpedenceOhms

Turns Ratio

Primary Impedence Ohms

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