on the horizon....

upcoming projects:

i've decided that i will be building some 5w single ended versions of classic amplifiers that could also be used as preamps running into my all-tube 20w hi-fi power amp (grommes 221.)

here are a few projects that i have made preliminary plans for:

- marshall jtm-5
- orange or-5
- vox ac5

mostly this stems from some of the above companies relatively week attempts at a 5w amp. the class marshall class 5 at least has two preamp tubes, the others are essentially champ variants.

i am also helping a friend build a high-power ampeg b-15n. i will be building myself a preamp to use with my grommes at the same time.

i will document each project as they complete.

i have included an option to email me questions. i would certainly prefer to answer questions directly to the persons who have asked them. i will also be creating a forum where questions about some of these projects can be discussed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all this information, I would really be interested in how the b-15n build turns out, I tried to reproduce one of the portaflex models without much success. SciHi