matchbox tube preamp pedal info-kit

many of you have contacted me for more information about my matchless hotbox build, unfortunately i did not document this build well and was not able to even provide a schematic.

in the past few months, i have been documenting my builds more carefully and after finding a few improvements to the old hotbox build, i decided to build a new one...

i present to you the matchbox tube preamp pedal...

the matchbox fits into a smaller chassis and is purely point to point wired with no turret board. the component layout has also been improved. testing of the matchbox against my previous build shows no increase in noise and an identical tone to its predecessor.

more importantly, the build was fully documented with a parts list, schematic, wiring layouts, drill templates, assembly instructions and 3d pdf.

i have decided to make this documentation available as an "information kit." with little time to put into my amp projects and a tight budget limiting how many builds i can complete, i am hoping that offering these information kits will greatly help others to learn about building amplifiers, enable them to build a higher quality amplifier as well as helping me develop more infokits at a faster pace.

here is what you'll get in the infokit:

- complete schematic
- parts list with schematic references and weblinks to suggested parts and vendors
- drill templates
- three stage wiring layouts for ease of assembly
- step by step assembly instructions
- 3d pdf for detailed reference during assembly

the introductory cost of the kit will be $10 usd and will be available to residents of the US and Canada and other countries with mains voltages of 110-120 volts ac. payment will be accepted by paypal. delivery will be to your email address.

if you would like to order a matchbox tube preamp pedal info kit, please send me an email! (sorry, i cannot respond to comments)

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